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Robert Hickman

2 Berkley Close
Phone: 07789515116

Personal Profile

Personal Statement: As a recent graduate with a 1st honours degree in Computer Solutions. I am seeking the opportunity to apply my skills in the IT business sector.

Key Skills: OO Programming, Java, C#, SQL,JSP, XML, HTML, CSS, PHP, C/C++, Project Management.

Recent Projects: MVC, JSP ,JSTL ,JDBC: The project explored the various Java Application Programming Interfaces used to implement server-side functionality in web applications. In example, Java Servlets ,Tag libraries, Java Server Pages (JSP) and the Java Database Connection (JDBC) API to interact with a database. The Application was designed using the Model-View-Controller architecture and made use of web frameworks.

Java/ Android/Self directed learning/Project Management: The application produced was a timing and reaction themed entertainment product set in a world of heroes and monsters. A player must defend their dungeon by correctly performing actions and stopping the computer from reaching the end of a maze. ultimately, I used the opportunity of my finial year project/dissertation to build on previous studies (Java/XML) and fill what was a gap in my course (Java for Android) while working with and producing industry standard project management tools (Gantt, PERT). Additionally, working on this project enabled me to explore game engines (Nicolas Gramlich's AndEngine was chosen), ludology, IDEs and repositories (eclipse, GitHub), software development kits and unfamiliar applications (Tiled, Gimp). I found this project changeling and exciting, it is the application I am most proud of, due to the reward I felt when solving logical problems and filling any knowledge gaps. The enjoyment I had whilst completing this project was partly due to the creative nature and freedom of a game but also the problems a game can provide. In example, there were always better ways to solve a problem, the trick was knowing when to move on.

C# : Designed and Developed airline departure desk software, that at a minimum could; Assign a passenger to a specific seat, find a free seat, get the name of a passenger assigned to a specific seat, cancel a seat reservation and show seat occupancy. However, due to my passion for the project and programming , I extended the application's capabilities to include; searching by first and/or last name and passenger ID, tool tips on the seat buttons to show the type of seat i.e. window, aisle or fire exit, an information box displaying flight, passenger and seat information on either hover or click. multi function single click buttons, enabling boarding and un-boarding with just one click, passenger/seat highlighting for efficient passenger finding.

Qualifications Computer Solutions BSc (1st Class) : University of Essex Colchester Institute - Sept 2009 to July 2012 GCSE (2 B's and 5 C's): The Gilbert School - 1998 to 2003

Employment History

Support Worker: NHS - Full Time Position - Oct 2006 to Sept 2011 My role was to provide assessment , treatment and care for vulnerable adults with mental health and learning difficulties.

Painter/Decorator: TP Decorating- Full Time Position - April 2004 to Aug 2004

Catering: NHS - Full Time Position - 2003 to 2004


Programming, Playing guitar, PC Building and Gaming.

References are available on request.