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Developed With Passion.

Here at Caliber Creations we believe that having the ability to produce functional business solutions is not enough. Our passion for development is what separates us from the pack, fueling a fiery desire to learn and improve, ensuring we stay upto date with all the latest technologies and trends. Keeping us at the forefront in the software world. Producing results we can all be Happy with. Feel free to get in contact today for a chat about how Caliber Creations can help your business. For more information on the service we provide Click Here

Powered by CakePHP.

Our web applications are developed using a foundational structure called cakePhp. This is a free, open-source, rapid development framework, that enables us to be more productive with your time and money. Made possible because cake provides us with the basic tools required to get started coding with what matters to your project. In addition, cakePhp has a very active development team and community, meaning the core of our projects are very well tested and constantly improved. To find out more Click Here

Presented with Foundation.js

Foundation is an open source javascript framework aimed at producing mobile first designs. Using foundation.js enables our web sites to behave in a responsive manner, that is to say that the layout and images will resize based on the screen size of the viewing device. This ensures that your web pages continue to look and act as expected on a desktop, tablet or mobile device. You can test this idea by resizing your browser or changing the orientation on your tablet or mobile. If you'd like to find out more about foundation.js Click Here

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